Tales About Tales

What happened to me after fiction rocked my world


Hi! Welcome to Tales About Tales.

In this site, you will see my stories about the books that I read. This is more like the review site of all the fictional world I have entered.

Well, of course, I encourage you all to read and enter these amazing worlds! Remember that my reviews are very subjective and still depends on my taste. However, since I am the kind of person who loves to hear recommendations from friends about the book I will read next, I would also like to share my own insights.

Whether you agree or not, you can freely tell me! I love have these bookish discussions with bookworms like me.

So I hope you find this blog interesting and helpful (in finding your next best read).

And together, we can enter more amazing worlds that only books can give us ❤

Well, if you want to read my tales about the tales I have read, you can click this link. Happy reading!