Old Review 5 (On Jennifer Smith’s ‘The Geography of You and Me’)


Photo not mine. Credits to Amazon.com.

Rating: 3/5

Well, one star because it is not that cliche and the funny transitions between chapters.

Another star for giving me the kind of feeling that I am looking for in a romantic YA fiction (Well, Jennifer Smith never failed to give me that feeling even in the most cliche-est way hahaha).

Half star for the good cover (Author’s note at the present: It even inspired me to make a blurb for this post even if it is an old review).


Another half star for the relevance of the title to the whole story.

However, the two missing stars are for: first, the very dull parts; second is the way the story turned out. Well, I know stories won’t turn out the way we always want them to, but yet, I am not satisfied with what happened. (Author’s note at the present: I know, I know, how objective, right? *sarcasm*)

Nevertheless, its not a bad book and it was actually one of the best Jennifer Smith books I have read.

Read: 5-6 January 2015

Reviewed: January 2015


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