(Old Review 4) On Ally Condie’s ‘Matched’

Photo not mine. Credits to Hutch Books.

Rating: 2.5/5

The story line is great, really, so a star for that. The cover makes it attractive, so another star for that. I love the names of the characters, so half star for that.

However, I did not feel it. I don’t know if it is just me or what but whenever I read a book, and the characters start to fall in love, I can really feel it. But in this book, I found myself shocked when Cassia said that she is in love with Ky.

If in most trilogies, I was enticed to read the second book because of all the action and thrill I had in the first, in this one, I am urged to read the second book because I am still looking for the action.

This first books seem to set the setting but, really, I feel like nothing happened.

(However, this is subjective. I may have read lots of stories with the same storyline that’s why I viewed it this way. But then, this is my review)

[Well, I don’t review only the books that I love. When I decide to review a book, there are only two possible reasons: either I loved it too much that I cannot keep my opinion to myself or I didn’t like it that I don’t want to you to go through it too]


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