(Old Review 3) On John Green’s ‘The Fault in Our Stars’

Photo not mine. Credits to Wikimedia.

(This review is also two years old now just like the others. But my perception of this book, ever after the movie, never changed since the moment I read this, so basically, you can trust that my heart is still here right now.)

Rating: 3/5

Well, honestly, I have already read a story similar to this. But do you know what makes it a lot better? The narration,the things that connect the two main characters together, and the words they say.

I told myself that I would prefer books without any touch of romance but this book entirely changed my perception.

Well, here’s how I can summarize what I think about this book: IT LEFT ME WITH PUFFY EYES [DUE TO CRYING A LOT] AND A BROKEN HEART [THE ACHE IS STILL HERE UNTIL NOW] Must-read!


[Note: As you can see, my old reviews and not so objective as compared to my most recent ones. Well, I guess I just really go more passionate now about sharing to you what I think about the books that I read (See, I even got out of Goodreads just to share these!! Haha!]


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