Unforgettable Date (Review on Colleen Hoover’s November 9)

Photo not mine. Credits to the owner.

Rating: 3/5

One star for the shivers, pain, and smiles it gave me everytime Fallon and Ben interact. Another star for the way CoHo translated love into words. I cannot explain how vivid she narrated the love between these two people (and actually the pain and all the feelings that go with it). Another star for the plot in general (including the title). I love the idea. Half star is for the cover! It’s so cool and you won’t expect it to be a romance novel based on the cover, I think. 
However, half star deduction for its misrepresentation of women. Some parts are so insulting for most women. I agree with some reviews that Ben is controlling and Fallon is insecure. But please! This is one of the things that may feed young girls of the wrong belief that only guys (who touch you and make you feel beautiful) can eradicate all your insecurities. Hey girl! Let me tell you that you don’t need them to make you feel that. Also, minus half star for the predictability. I am not sure if it was just because I am that hopeless romantic that I can think of every possible way a relationship could turn out right or wrong. But yes, I read some parts and said, “I knew it!”. Minus half star for the plot twist! (Yes, the one about the fire– I don’t want to spoil others). I don’t know what others think about it but it looked unnecessary to me. When I reached that part, I really thought it was not needed anymore, like the story could succeed without it. Yes, it adds to the drama, making it appear like a tragic love story. But I am not sure if it was not executed properly (in which I’m in doubt because it’s CoHo), or it just appears as it is. And the last half star deducted was because of the ending. I just hope that ending was narrated as wonderful and as magical as the light and happy parts in the beginning. I was expecting it to leave a mark in my heart but the moments of the First to Third November 9s were still the ones left. I just hope the way the finale was narrated will be striking as their love is. 
But then, this is still a good read, I think (if its your cup of tea).  I still don’t regret reading it and the chills and electricity it gave me are still priceless.

 I’ll never view the date ‘November 9’ the same way again. It’ll will always be with pain and smiles.

Read: January 26-29, 2016

Reviewed: January 31, 2016


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