This Book (Review on Colleen Hoover’s Slammed #3: This Girl)

Photo not mine. Credits to the owner.

Rating: 4.5 stars/5 for this!!!
Since I have already reviewed Slammed and Point of Retreat, I’ll just use Slammed as my reference point. Besides, I still love this series the way I loved the first book.

So where did the +0.5 came from?

At first, I was just thankful for the absence of an unnecessary drama since it was just Will’s point of view. But as I read the book, I was amazed by how Hoover presented something we already knew but still gave us something to look forward to. And this is why this became my favorite among the three books.

Besides, this book made me fall in love with the characters even more, especially Will and Kel. Knowing what Will was thinking made me put myself in Lake’s position–I just wanted to marry Will!!!! And that one moment with Kel towards the end of the book, I just can’t explain how adorable he is and it made me ask for a little brother.

Overall, I gave this series an average of 4 stars and it was really great. After November 9, this book just made me want to read more of Hoover’s works. But I think I still have to take a break because I cannot imagine my heart being ripped off my chest again any sooner.


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