Indeed, Slammed (Review on Colleen Hoover’s Slammed #1)

Photo not mine. Credits to the owner.

Rating: 4/5

One star for the encompassing plot. Unlike other love stories which only focus on the couple and their love, this story encompasses family and friendship. It is indeed a love story-romantic, family, and friendly love all in one.

Half star for the poetry and for the poems. Who wouldn’t love a book with poetry??? And it was Slam Poetry!!! (We’ll this may be a bit subjective because I cannot explain how in love I am with Spoken Word poetry huhuhu)

Another half star for the characters. I don’t know what’s with Hoover’s characters but whenever I read her books, I can’t keep myself from falling in love with them. Maybe, its because of how she frames every character and how she introduces them to the reader. She always show us the whole character, their heart and soul, and maybe that’s what makes me fall in love with them. From Lake to Will to Julia to Kel to Caulder to Eddie, I love them all and it’s just the first book.

The third star is for how Hoover tie words and make it a wonderful picture. I think I already said this in my previous reviews, but there is something in how she writes that will make you imagine the whole setting (whole meaning with the picture, the feelings, and all). So I think this will always be a permanent star for Hoover’s book.

The last star is the feels that it gave me. I felt it so hard it hurt me. Honestly, in the painful parts of the book, I actually felt a mild stab in my chest and only few books made me feel that way. It hurt me, it made me laugh, in very real ways.

I will never be able to explain the chills this poem gave me.

However, here are some deductions. No matter how much I love this book, I have to present this in order to have a somehow objective review of Slammed.

Well, minus half star for the “realness” of the plot. Despite the real feelings it gave me, the plot seems to be like a fairy tale (with too much struggle and pain) and it didn’t give much piece of life. Some events seem to be too good (or painful) to be real. But who knows? Maybe I just didn’t have the chance to see this part of life and this book made me experience it somehow.

And another minus half star for the cover. Even if the cliche says that it shouldn’t be a basis to judge a book, well, I think it is important to have a good cover so we can encourage them to enter this wonderful world of Lake and Will. Knowing the story, I think there would be a better cover for this (or a better layout; I still have no concept tho)

Nevertheless, overall, this story is a must-read especially when you want to see the truth that love is not as magical as the world make it seem, in a wonderful, heartbreaking way that will make the butterfly in your stomach dance

(I know this review may seem inconsistent and roller coaster-ish [just like how Will seemed to be] but this basically shows this book’s effect on me)


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